Don’t lose money to wallet and exchange hacks.

Take an Insurance against crypto theft from Bank of Hodlers


Why do you need insurance against cryptocurrency theft?


1.1B $ worth of cryptocurrencies have already been stolen in 2018

Do you remember Mt. Gox theft of $450M/850000 btc?

Very often we see reports like this in the news:


As soon as a hack takes place


Cryptocurrency Traders
Lose All Their Money


The Crypto Market Crashes By 7 To 15%.

We think insurance solves for the fear of theft, drastically reducing market crashes. So an insurance product won’t just help you individually, but also improve the market sentiment. 

Bank of Hodlers Hot wallet Cold wallet
Connected to the internet Yes Yes No
Quick access to your money Yes Yes No
Cost $ Free $$$
Easy to use Yes Yes No
Safety of your coins Strongest Weak Strong
Possible regulatory issues Low High Low
Technical vulnerabilities Low High Low
Security Highest Very low High
Accessibility High High Low
Compatible with all coins Yes Yes Very Limited
Options Software, mobile, online, paper, hardware, USB Software, mobile, online Paper, hardware, USB
Instant Trading Yes Yes No

A lot of people keep their money in cold wallets, to prevent theft. In the process, they lose the ability to trade crypto and take advantage of market fluctuations. However, those who keep money in a hot wallet, to profit from market volatility, have to risk hacks and theft.

Insurance ensures that you have the security of a cold wallet with the flexibility of a hot wallet.

We want to give you a worry free crypto experience. It does not matter if your crypto is in a hot wallet or cold wallet. You don’t have to worry about safety vs utility as we will insure your crypto no matter the exchange or wallet.

With Bank of Hodlers


Reimburse The Full Value


Maintaining The Sentiment So Market Does Not Crash


It’s super simple. All you have to do is: