Let Your Crypto Work For You.

Get Instant Crypto backed loans, crypto credit cards & insurance against crypto theft


What We Do


Crypto Backed Loans

Don’t want to sell your crypto but need cash urgently?

Get low interest loans instantly while keeping your crypto

• Maintain your crypto’s upside potential

• Get your guaranteed loan

• No credit checks

Why we’re the Right Fit


Secure Wallet

We provide you the ability to keep your money in a safe and secure wallet. We ensure that your private keys are encrypted with your wallet password that can be accessed only by you.


Earn Interest

Our smooth user-experience platform opens up the opportunity for you to earn interest or borrow money at your discretion without having the need to liquidate your crypto holdings.


No Transaction Fees

Presently, we don’t charge any transaction fees. You don’t have to worry about paying any extra fee when transferring money from one party to another, except for the MakerDAO fee.

Company Roadmap


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Our Vision

We want to build a banking system which is swift, secure, and decentralized.

We’re not fans of the current banking system - benefitting the few and controlled by corrupt and anti consumer governments.

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